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  xS. van Kasteren publications
  Peer reviewed:  

S.I van Kasteren*, I. Berlin, J.C. Colbert, C. Watts: ‘A pan-protease inhibitor to regulate endo-lysosomal function’ ACS Chemical Biology, 6(11), 2011, p. 1198-1204


S.I. van Kasteren, S.J. Campbell, N. Sibson, D.A. Anthony, B.G. Davis: ‘Glyconanoparticles allow pre-symptomatic in vivo imaging of brain disease’, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 106, 2009, p. 18-23


S.I. van Kasteren, P.G. Garnier, B.G. Davis: ’Chemical methods for mimicking post-translational modifications’, Chapter in ‘Protein Engineering’ Springer-Verlag, 2008.


S.I. van Kasteren, H.B. Kramer, D.P. Gamblin, B.G. Davis: ’Site-selective glycosylation of proteins: creating synthetic glycoproteins’, Nature Protocols, 2 (12), 2007, p. 3185-3194


S.I. van Kasteren, H.B. Kramer, H.H. Jensen, S.J. Campbell, J. Kirkpatrick, N.J. Oldham, D.A. Anthony, B.G. Davis: ‘Expanding the diversity of chemical protein glycosylation allows posttranslational mimicry’, 2007, Nature, 446, 2007, p. 1105-1109


D.P. Gamblin, S.I. van Kasteren, G.J.L. Bernardes, A.J. Fairbanks, B.G. Davis: ‘Chemical Site-directed prenylation of proteins’, Mol. Biosys., 4, 2008, p 558-562


D.P. Gamblin, S.I. van Kasteren, J.M. Chalker, B.G. Davis: ‘Chemical Approaches to Mapping the Function of Post-Translational Modifications’ FEBS J.,  275, 2008, p. 1949-1959


D.P. Gamblin, P.G. Garnier, S. van Kasteren, N.J. Oldham, A.J. Fairbanks, B.G. Davis: Glyco-SeS: Selenenylsulfide-mediated protein’, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 43, 2004. p. 828-833 


P. Kujala, C.R. Raymond, M. Romeijn, S.F. Godsave, S.I. van Kasteren, H. Wille, S.B. Prusiner, N.A. Mabbott, P.J. Peters: ‘Prion uptake in the gut: identification of the first uptake and replication sites’ PLoS Pathogens, in press


P.G. Garnier, X-.T. Wang, M.A. Robinson, S. van Kasteren, A.C. Perkins, M. Frier, A.J. Fairbanks, B.G. Davis: ‘Lectin-directed Enzyme Actived Prodrug Therapy (LEAPT):Synthesis and evaluation of rhamnose-capped prodrugs’ J. Drug. Discovery, 18(10), 2010, p794-802


S. Serres, D.C. Anthony, Y. Jiang, K.A. Broom, S.J. Campbell, D.J. Tyler, S.I. van Kasteren, B.G. Davis, N.R. Sibson ’Systemic inflammatory response reactivates immune-mediated lesion in rat brain’ J. Neurosci. 29, 2009, p. 4820-4828

  * co-corresponding author  
  Manuscripts in progress:  

S.I. van Kasteren*, C. Watts: ‘A high throughput method for stuyding antigen cross-presentation’ in preparation


F. Perez-Balderas, S.I. van Kasteren, S. Serres, R.P. Choudury, B.G. Davis, D.A. Anthony, N. Sibson. Targeted Cathepsin-sensitive Constrast agent for selective visualization of inflammation in vivo’ submitted to Nature Biotechnology


* co-corresponding author

1 S.I. van Kasteren, D. Anthony, N. Sibson, R. Chaudury, J. Peach, B. G. Davis, ‘Multimeric imaging agents’, Intl. Patent Application N97184 GB, 2007  
2 S.I. van Kasteren, B.G. Davis, N. Sibson, D. Anthony: ‘Sugar-targeted imaging agents’, Intl. Patent Application N94719 GB, 2005  

S.I. van Kasteren, C. Watts: ‘Inhibitors of endosomal/lysosomal enzymes’, Patent submitted

  Non-scientific publications:  

Times Higher Education: ‘A little fine-tuning will put food on all our tables’, 03-06-2005

2 Times Higher Education: ‘Why I went to the Oxford animal demonstration’, 04-02-2005  
3 De Spil Magazine: ‘The future of UK life-science is under threat’, 211-212, 2005, p. 5-7  
4 Natuur & Techniek: ‘Het leven is zoet’, 71, 2003, p. 54-57  
  Oral presentations:  

Radboudt Universiteit Nijmegen 2011

2 Eurocarb, Sorrento, 2011  
3 Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 2010  
4 University of Leiden 2010  
5 University of Delft, 2009  
6 University of York, 2009  
7 University of Groningen, 2009  

Glycobiology Gordon Conference, Ventura Beach USA, 2009

9 CW-meeting, Veldhoven, 2008  
10 Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, 2008  
11 Glyco 19, Cairns, 2007  

In vivo MR Imaging Gordon Conference, Mount Holyoake, 2006


International Carbohydrate Symposium, Bratislava, 2005