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  xS. van Kasteren

Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI)

Division of Cell Biology II,

Chemical Biology Laboratory, B6


Plesmanlaan 121

1066 CX Amsterdam 

The Netherlands


Phone: (+31) 20 512 19 72

Fax (+31) 20 512 2029



Sander van Kasteren obtained his degree from the University of Edinburgh in 2001. After a short stint working for a vaccine company he commenced his DPhil under the supervision of Ben Davis in Oxford. Currently, he is working jointly at the University of Dundee, in the group of Colin Watts, and the NKI on a Henry Wellcome Research Fellowship. Recently he was awarded an NWO-Veni fellowship.

 Past research interests include the look at artificially introducing post-translational modification on protein scaffolds and the synthesis of MRI contrast agents. His Wellcome fellowship he used to move fields to immunology, where he is currently looking at developing new methods to study antigen presentation and cross-presentation.