Rejected Cover Art!Can you believe it?

Zebrafish's primordial germ cells

The label is GFP for the membrane, BFP for the nuclei and DsRed for perinuclear granules.

Eraz Raz (MPI Gottingen, Germany) Rejected by: Cell (2002) and Developmental Cell (2004)

Shaving the Pore

Helen Pickergill
Rejected by: The Journal of Cell Biology 2002

Late Again

Puri Fortes and Maarten Fornerod
Rejected by: The EMBO Journal 2000

Keith Haring Explains Nuclear Transport

Maarten Fornerod
Rejected by: Cell, 1997

CRM1 Fever

Maarten Fornerod
Rejected by: The EMBO Journal, 1996

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