Research Interests

Sabine Linn

Sabine Linn
(Medical Oncologist / Group Leader)

Dr. Sabine Linn is a medical oncologist, breast cancer specialist and senior staff member in the Division of Medical Oncology. She is also group leader in the Division of Molecular Biology where she and her research group focus on the molecular dissection of breast cancer by differential drug sensitivity. To further develop this research line Dr. Linn has been awarded a Dutch Cancer Society Clinical Research Award in 2006. Since 2008 Dr. Linn chairs the Working Group (neo)adjuvant systemic therapy of the Dutch Breast Cancer Trialists’ Group (Borstkanker Onderzoek Groep (BOOG)).

Her main challenge is to translate basic science into clinical practice. She received her basic science training during a PhD at the Free University Medical Center, Amsterdam (1992-1995; Bob Pinedo), and during a Dutch Cancer Society Research Fellowship in the lab of Ton Berns at the Netherlands Cancer Institute (2000-2001) and in the labs of Pat Brown and Matt van de Rijn at Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA (2001-2002).

Her research focuses on (i) dissection of breast cancer biomarkers for broad endocrine resistance and selective endocrine drug resistance (e.g. tamoxifen, fulvestrant etc), (ii) breast cancer biomarkers for homologous recombination deficiency (‘BRCAness’) (extended to other BRCA-associated tumor types, such as ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, and stomach cancer), (iii) breast cancer biomarkers for taxane sensitivity and bisphosphonate sensitivity, (iv) prognostic markers and new targets for therapy for defined breast cancer subtypes such as invasive lobular breast cancer, and triple-negative breast cancer.