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Welcome to the Peeper lab website

The Peeper laboratory is in the brand-new Division of Molecular Oncology and Immunology at NKI. We use function-based, genome-wide experimental strategies to develop rational combinatorial cancer treatment, targeting both cancer and immune cells. By screening for novel therapeutic targets and predictive biomarkers, we aim to achieve more durable clinical responses for patients. On the one hand, we’re increasing our understanding of how cancer cells rewire their signaling networks, to expose and exploit new pharmacologically tractable tumor susceptibilities, also in the context of immunotherapy. On the other, we’re manipulating various cell types from the patient’s own immune system to boost their specific cytotoxicity towards tumor cells. With these approaches, we are developing new rational combinatorial therapies, which simultaneously eliminate the patients’ tumor and harness their immune system.


PI Daniel Peeper and Christian Blank (a clinician researcher) recently engaged in a partnership to complement our basic, translational and clinical fields of expertise. This warrants not only the clinical relevance of our research questions, but also facilitates translation of our laboratory findings (therapeutic targets, prognostic and predictive biomarkers) to the clinic, particularly by initiating trials that are run here at NKI.

News & highlights

  • boshuizen(February 2018) Julia's study on cooperative targeting of melanoma heterogeneity was published in Nature Medicine
  • kong(September 2017) Kong's study on cancer drug addiction was published in Nature
  • kemper4(June 2016) Kristel and Oscar uncover a new BRAF kinase duplication mutant rendering melanomas resistant to vemurafenib in Cell reports
  • academiaeuropea(2016) Daniel was elected to the Academia Europaea
  • vacancies(November 2015) Daniel Peeper receives Outstanding Research Award from the Society of Melanoma Research
  • kemper2(June 2015) Kristel's study on intra- and inter-tumor heterogeneity in patient-derived xenografts of melanoma has been published in EMBO Molecular Medicine
  • kuilman6(February 2015) Thomas' and Oscar's study on the use of off-target reads for copy number detection has been published in Genome Biology
  • mueller(December 2014) Judith's study on the effect of the MITF/AXL ratio on targeted drug sensitivity in melanoma has been published in Nature Communications
  • smit3(November 2014) Patricia's study on synthetic lethality between hypoxia and DNA damage response inhibition has been published in Cell Reports
  • kaplon(May 2013) Joanna's study on OIS, metabolism and melanoma therapy published in Nature with a preview in Cell and a research watch in Cancer Discovery.
  • ERCsynergy(2013) Daniel Peeper, together with five other researchers, has received a 15M€ ERC Synergy grant.