All our published data are available from GEO. Relevant accession numbers are listed in our papers. The GEO accessions contain raw data, but usually also the pre-processed datasets that we used for the biological analyses (see Supplementary Files in the GEO accession). Links to older datasets not available from GEO are listed below.



DamID maps of 53 Drosophila chromatin proteins (.bed and .wig) Filion, van Bemmel, Braunschweig et al., Cell (2010)
DamID of 15 Drosophila chromatin proteins Moorman et al., PNAS (2006)
DamID maps of HP1, Su(var)3-9, HP1c Greil et al., Genes Dev. (2003)
DamID maps of HP1 and GAGA factor Sun et al., PNAS (2003)
DamID map of GAGA factor van Steensel et al, PNAS (2003)
DamID maps of HP1, GAGA factor, Sir2 van Steensel et al, Nat Genet (2001)